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  2. In Game Name (Ex. Aim): Steam ID (Ex. STEAM_0:0:420044062): Ban reason (Ex. MRDM): How long is the ban? (Ex. 1 Week): Staff who banned you (Ex. Nick Shaw): What happened and why should you be unbanned?:
  3. Aim

    Server Rules

    Crypto Gaming Police RP Rules LAST UPDATED: 06/23/2020 If you feel like there is some rules missing and they should be added feel free to contact a staff member and the staff member will have to tell/suggest server management to add the rule. General Rules 1.0) Use Common Sense 1.1) Don't Abuse Loopholes 1.2) Adverts with misleading information are not allowed, you can only advert one thing at a time (Ex. Mug drop 10k or die / Raid) Staff may request you to change your advert at any point, not doing so will be punishable. 1.3) Do not RDA (Random Arrest, Arresting someone without a valid arrest reason) 1.4) Do not FearRP in state or FailRP 1.5) Do not Break NLR (New Life Rule, which is 5 minutes or until the raid is over) 1.6) Scamming is not permitted 1.7) Threats to the server like DDOS will result in a permanent ban (No Exceptions Will Be Made) 1.8) Mic Spam or Chat Spam is not allowed 1.9) Asking staff for money in order to get rich quick is not allowed 1.10) You are not allowed to shoot through 1 way props (Ex. You can see them but they can’t see you) 1.11) Making fake sits is not allowed (Ex. Making sits unnecessary or difficult by lying,stalling or being a minge) 1.12) If someone has a building sign do not annoy them in anyway. (The builder can KOS if needed) 1.13) Do not minge or troll 1.14) Do not Metagame (Using Advert for OOC, or opposite) 1.15) Do not FDA (Fading door abuse) 1.16) Do not abuse or exploit props or items 1.17) Do not overuse caps in OOC 1.18) Do not prop climb/block/surf/abuse 1.19) Do not spawn props in other peoples bases without their permission. 1.20) Do not be disrespectful to staff or other members 1.22) Do not advertise any server or links except screenshots for sits 1.23) Do not cheat or hack or exploit 1.24) If you are at gunpoint you cannot pull out a weapon as it is FearRP 1.28) Do not job abuse (Ex. Be in the bank as a banker unlock the bank then switch to a thief to rob the bank) 1.29) Do not self supply (Ex. Be a gun dealer and buy guns for yourself.) 1.30) Max mug amount is 10K every (Cooldown: 5 minutes) 1.31) You can only keep someone kidnapped for 10 minutes with a cooldown for 15 minutes. Max ransom is 25k 1.32) You must warn someone 3 times to go away before killing them (Ex. Warn 1 / 2 / 3) 1.34) No base takeovers (Max raid time is 10 Minutes) 1.35) Do not leave while being raided (LTARP) 1.36) You are not allowed to discriminate against any groups based on their race, sex, orientation, religion etc. 1.37) Do not build or name yourself anything from past tragedies and disasters. 1.38) Impersonating someone else it not permitted 1.39) Entering admin only areas will result in a warn or ban 1.40) Do not play music in spawn 1.41) You name needs use at least 4 english characters, Failure to do so will result in ban/kick depending on what is reasonable 1.42) Using alts for unfair advantage or to ban evade 1.46) Specify what you are mugging someone for (Amount of money and how long they have to drop it). 1.47) The minimum amount of time to give someone to drop money in a mug is 10 seconds. 1.48) You have to have some relations with the base owner in order to counter (Ex. Basing with them, Same Gang) 1.49) Textscreens for KOS, AOS, Building signs have to be sized as 50 minimum and be clearly visible or else they don't count. 1.50) Don't sell ingame money for real life money. (Bannable No Exceptions Or Questions) 1.51) You cannot mug someone who is holding a weapon. 1.52) Gang defence is allowed but you need to advert it. Friend defence is not allowed. (Ex. Counter) 1.54) A refund is an option to give during a sit however this shall not be forced upon either side.  Building Rules 2.1) 1 way props are allowed but not shooting through them 2.2) You are allowed max 5 Fading doors (Anti-pick lock doors count as two) 2.21) Looping a fading door doesn't make it count as one, every lockpick is counted 2.3) Each player is only allowed to own 1 base 2.4) In order to make a gang base (Large base/Mega Base) you need 5 or more people. 2.5) Do not FDA ( Fading doors abuse) 2.6) No invisible props. 2.7) Keypads must be clearly visible 2.8) Your fading doors must be on for 5 seconds minimum 2.9) KOS Areas are only allowed within the property or as long as you have a line showing where the KOS starts don't go crazy with the size. 2.11) You can propblock a room inside your base as long as that room is not used for anything and as long as you never enter that room. 2.12) Do not buy doors in other buildings except yours 2.13) Do not hide your printers inside other props making them untouchable 2.14) Fake keypads are not allowed 2.15) Crouch bases are not allowed 2.16) Maze bases are not allowed 2.17) Max turns in a zig zag base is 5 (Going up and down vertically is also considered a turn) 2.18) You need to have a keypad for every fading door 2.19) You can build on the street as long it's not blocking any other buildings that you don't own and as long as you can walk past your building. 2.20 You cannot (Print, Weed, Meth, Bitcoin, Etc) with a building sign 2.21) You cannot build in admin only accessible areas 2.22) Parkour bases are not allowed 2.23) Bases which give someone a unfair advantage are not allowed, This involves head glitch bases, Foot shooting bases 2.25) You can't have a darked out entrance to a base and you cannot have any black props inside of your base (You need to be able to see what's going on in the entrance and inside of the base) 2.26) A base can't block any interactive entities like: NPCs, Meth Drop offs, ETC. 2.27) Super small gaps are not allowed (Minimum Height Of This Prop models/props_combine/breenglobe.mdl) 2.30) No Collide isn't allowed in bases. (But you can use it while you build or when u get stuck in your own props or when you build something for decoration.) Once your base is built you cannot use nocollide. 2.31) You can't use fading doors on these 2 props: models/props_c17/gate_door02a.mdl and models/props_c17/gate_door01a.mdl 2.34) Slide bases are not allowed. 2.35) Pixel perfect bases are not allowed (Minimum width is the same as models/hunter/blocks/cube075x075x025.mdl) 2.36) you are not allowed to use the ladder boost as a part of your base. Ladders also need be visible and in straight line Raiding Rules 3.1) Do not glitch inside of bases 3.2) You need to advert raid 3.3) Do not spawn props while raiding 3.4) If you died in a raid you cannot interfere or go back to the base 3.5) You cannot raid bases with a building sign 3.6) You cannot raid or mug Hobos 3.7) Base takeovers are not allowed 3.8) No building barricades during any raids 3.10) Raid cooldown is 5 minutes, 15 minutes for the same person 3.11) It is FailRP to raid a base/gang in which you are a part of 3.12) Base/Raid Takeovers do not exist and are punishable. 3.13) You have to advert Bank Raid, Jewelry Raid, PD Raid, Jailbreak. 3.15) A raid/counter is considered over once all raiders/defenders were killed or the raiders/counterers left the area directly around the raided base.
  4. In-game Name: (Ex. Aim) Steam ID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:420044062) Reason For Report: Evidence: (Video / Screenshots Proof)
  5. In-game Name: (Ex. Aim) Steam ID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:420044062) Name Of Staff Member Reporting: (Ex. Aim) Staff Member Ranks: (Ex. Aim) Reason For Report: Evidence: (Video / Screenshots Proof)
  6. Steam Name: (Ex. Aim) RP (Ingame) Name: (Aim) SteamID: (Ex. STEAM_0:0:420044062) Steam URL: (Ex. Have you donated to the server? (Ex. Yes, VIP) You ingame playtime (Minimum 2 Days): (Ex. 4 Days - 5 Hours) Are you in our Discord? (Name & Discord ID): (Yes, Exhile#5665) How old are you? (Minimum 14 Year's Old) Country: (Ex. USA) Timezone: (Ex. EST) Do you have a Mic? If so are you willing to use it? (Ex. Yes, Yes) How many warnings do you have on the server? (Under 3 Recommended) (Ex. 1) Have you been banned/kicked on the server before? (Ex. No) Have you read the Staff Rules?: (Ex. Yes) Do you have past experience of being Staff? (Ex. No) How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?: (Ex. 15 Hours) What values would you add to the Staff Team? (Minimum 100 words): Why should we accept you as a Staff Member? (Minimum 100 words): Why do you want to be staff? (minimum 150 words): Anything else we should know about you?
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